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Toddler Child Care

1 ½ to 2 ½ years

Little Star Day School offers toddlers child care for children from 1 ½ to 2 ½ years. Toddlers can explore and experience the world around them.

This age is characterized by the unlimited curiosity, unbounded energy and the wish for independence. Your toddler is now able to move independently without having a clue of its impact on the world around. Our teachers assist your child to channel its abilities and energy.

Kind baut einem Turm mir riesigen Legosteinen
dem kleinen Mädchen wird beim Ausschneiden geholfen

The learning environment for toddlers consists of both play areas as well as a creative curriculum. Little Star Day School has created and implemented its own activity plan for toddlers. Well-planned play areas support the curriculum and allow the children to play independently in small groups. Imagination, creativity, language development and social behavior are encouraged and supported in all Little Star Day School early learning centers. We change the learning environment on a regular basis to adjust to emerging interests and individual goals. Our play areas offer supervised activities that support the skills and knowledge of the children and are important for their further development.

Having this in mind we offer our toddlers a familiar daily structure full of age appropriate activities. All around the six main areas of development: sense of self, social relations, creativity, movement, exploration and early logic, communication and language. At their own pace they choose among defined activities in their homeroom or outdoor. Traditional learning centers with puzzles, blocks and books encourage the creativity and imagination of young learners. Additional activities like art, music, role play and story time enrich the individual experience during the children’s stay at Little Star Day School. While free playing children are invited to play by themselves, with a peer or in small groups. Outdoor activities are an important part of our Early Years Curriculum EYC®. The individual program for each child is customized to its progress, needs and age.

As soon as a child is showing interest in starting potty training, our teachers are also ready to assist in going from diapers to using the toilet. This of course happens with a parent talk to coordinate the procedure.

Toddlers are welcome in our schools in Zurich-Seefeld, Zurich-Sihlcity, Zurich-Wollishofen, Kilchberg and Zug.

Kinder spielen mit Karten
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