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Kindergarten in Zurich, Kilchberg und Zug

4 years to school entrance

The kindergarten program follows the same path of our vision. Our Early Years Curriculum EYC® is designed to encourage kindergartners to become independent life-long learners. During the day in kindergarten our children at Little Star Day School are able to explore and discover more exciting things and acquire important social, academic and mental skills.

We strongly believe that the process is more important than the product. In this credo we support young learners to acquire knowledge, concepts and necessary skills at their individual pace. Every child is different and learns in its own way. No matter how and in what time a child learns, the most important thing is that the child keeps its curiosity and its desire to learn new things.

Kind malt auf dem Tablet
Kinder lächeln

Our Early Years Curriculum EYC® believes that learning is a process. The best way to teach something to children is to involve them in the process and to give them the experience of the whole process. In learning centers kindergartners are given the opportunity to look at things from different perspectives and to see a range of media. Thus, they are able to learn to strengthen their independence further, make decisions and encourage themselves to participate. Apart from the academic importance, learning centers are a place where children can acquire and train abilities in the area of negotiation and communication. Moreover, they can learn to make decisions and stick to their decision. Our learning centers provide support for all areas of learning and development and offer the children the opportunity to learn through a variety of media and from a variety of perspectives.

Our experienced teachers in our Little Star Day School in Zurich-Sihlcity welcome kindergartners for trail days. Please contact your Family Consultant at Little Star Day School to arrange an appointment soon.

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