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Our Mission at Little Star Day School

High quality for infants, toddlers and kindergarten

Little Star Day School has the goal to provide excellent care for young children (from 6 months to school age) and to create an environment that enhances learning and early education. We know that every child is unique and learns in its own way. Our Early Years Curriculum EYC® encourages children to explore the world around them through imaginative play, structured activities, art, music and stories.

kinder lernen
Frau spielt mit einem kleinen Kind

The management and all staff members constantly strive towards exemplary teaching and excellent performance:

Quality to guarantee high standards in safety & health and excellent early education.

While we enable children to experience positive learning, young children become lifelong learners.

In early education, we combine traditional ways and innovative methods of teaching to ensure self-motivated learning and promote individual achievements.

All members of the Little Star Day School community are responsible stakeholders with a strong commitment to our core values.

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