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Board of Little Star Day School

We are experts, professionals and parents

At Little Star Day School the Board of Directors, which consists of the owners and external experts, oversees the management, provides strategic direction for the school and defines school policies. With state-licensed auditors, the submitting of annual reports, financial stability everything is supervised and ensured. The external supervision follows strictly legal, governmental guidelines. The Board of Directors nominates the leadership team and experts in early education.

The leadership team is responsible for the operational, daily organization. We are proud to present to you the members of the leadership team:

Bernhard Maeder, CEO and founder. Being the CEO he is responsible for the implementation of the company’s strategy. He serves as an executive resource to many of the company’s partners. He is the head of the team, acts as the general manager and holds a seat in the supervisory board.  With his economic degree from the HSG and a post-graduation career as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) he perfectly fits in the executive and financial department of the company. He brings in an enormous experience in finance and asset management. Additionally he knows exactly what a working father and parent needs. Furthermore, he has gained an extended experience and knowledge in professional childcare since he continuously joined workshops and further education classes. He also holds a Swiss diploma in childcare. This effort stands for dedication, commitment and his authenticity as a leading childcare provider.

Mann von Little Star Day School lacht

Ida Maeder, board member, educational director and founder. Her career started with a degree in economics followed by a long work experience in the private banking area. A little boy and his sister made her change her professional life and go for new challenges in early education: In 2001 she opened the first Little Star Day School. Today she holds several diplomas in early and primary education from Switzerland, the USA and UK. The bilingual Early Years Curriculum EYC ® reflects the knowledge and experience of Ida Maeder as a passionate educator and a caring mother. During the years, she implemented new educational elements in the emerging curriculum; e.g. Baby Sign language or the focus on language acquisition. She also incorporated her knowledge and experience as an expert in language promotion and teaching German as an additional language. Her driving forces remain not only experiences and knowledge, but also her passion and dedication to foster every single child in its physical, social, mental and academic development. She has met every child with full respect and empathy. Every child is unique. This is the ethos of Little Star Day School – where children come first.

Frau mit einem grünen Hintergrund am Lachen

Florence Thomas, Originally from Bordeaux, Florence taught French and English in French public schools before starting her expatriate career in 1997. She then lived in several countries, teaching in international schools: Thailand, China, Ukraine, Czech Republic and since 2007, Switzerland where she worked 5 years as a school head. She has a Bachelor degree in Chinese Language and Culture, and a professional Translator Diploma, and an additional Diploma in Counseling. Florence is now studying counseling for schools, students and families. She has been a Family Consultant at Little Star Day School since 2013.

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Alina Neuhof, Administration and the “soul” of the team. Whenever there is a need, problem, or question, she is the one that knows what to do. She stays always calm and friendly. Her office is the hub of the company. You can call her if you need advice or support in administrative matters. She will be able to forward your request to the right person.

This leadership team is responsible to the strategic, operational and academic leadership that includes goal setting, implementation and supervision. A close and active collaboration with the teams of the different schools is essential for a successful accomplishment of the set goals. Each school is run and supervised by the local team leader. Regular meetings guarantee the transfer of information, exchange of experiences and feedback from the local teams and our parents. It is also in the responsibility of the leadership team to ensure all standards are met at all times and on the highest level.

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